Interior Design
In Disseny Entre 4 Parets we specialize in the design and renovation of residential areas (houses, flats and houses) and commercial buildings (offices and shops). Let’s projects and carry out the necessary work, always with a study based on customer needs, their desires and tastes to create adequate space. We are abreast of the latest trends and understand design as an essential response to aspects like functionality, aesthetics and comfort.

All parts of the work are important distribution areas, project lighting. Lighting, choice of materials and furniture etc. …. It is also important to have a team of professionals to coordinate and monitor the work and have the customer involved and constantly informed of the progress of the project.

Indeed, one of our added values ​​is constantly dealing with clients and staff, who participates in all decisions and is part of the project’s progress. It is about doing the project to suit the client and explain why our proposals are those that benefit the most.

In the reforms, we handle the entire process, from basic design to the executive. Coordinate both the team and the selection and purchase of all materials related to the work. We apply the techniques used by professionals and industrial adhients in each case. However, we carry out economic control of the work, with absolute transparency. Our team also handles building permits, paperwork to utilities like water, electricity and gas as well as licensing activities.

Organization of events
Comprehensive provision of services involving the organization of an event, from the infrastructure and the space where it is developed to the creative and production aspects.

Lighting and sound equipment, platforms and stages of all sizes, tables, chairs and accessories, are part of the catalog of technical material of Entre4parets. A comprehensive catalog, constantly updated and adapted to new technologies.

Sound technicians, lighting technicians, machinists and other qualified professionals make up the human team that carries out the assembly and dismantling of the infrastructures and offers the technical assistance and the specialized advice that every show requires.

Industrial Design
We design and produce furniture and objects they need, all related to the interior space. We create designs functional, ergonomic and aesthetic. Combine maximum comfort with the needs and customs of the client.

We design and produce tables, shelves, cabinets, closets, containers, furniture for audio and video equipment, screens, separators, among many others. The materials used include glass, wood, steel, iron, leather, fabrics in general, etc …

On the other hand, we have the exclusive product Barcelona LAP (HPL). It is a type of printing that allows insertion of a custom image in a decorative surface and having all guarantees strength and durability without the image may be impaired.

We are professionals who know the new trends with large industrial equipment ready to complete any project.

Graphic Design
Afeelink is our graphic design department.

Corporate identity. A logo is the first step in identifying graphically in a world where image is essential.

Stationery Services. The way to implement its corporate image in different formats such as business cards, envelopes, letterheads, invoices, bills …

Advertising. To convey to everyone what we offer, catalogs, advertisements in various print media, mailings …

Signs. For shops or business premises in different materials such as vinyl, forex, metal …

Merchandising. Implementation of corporate image on shirts or different objects.

Events. Billboards, banners, displays, photocall, for different types of events or conventions and product launches …

Packaging. The wrapper appropriate to each and every object and product labeling.

Editorial. Design of any printed publicaión.

LAP. Large format printing to implement both indoors and outdoors and on any medium.

Web, Multimedia and Internet Services
Afeelink is our web design, multimedia and internet services department.

Currently all companies have a presence on the Internet. The first step is to obtain a domain name.

Register your domain is as easy as checking that the name we have chosen is not in use. Now that we have a domain that we can associate represents Internet services such as web hosting, email, databases and FTP services, among others.

All Internet services have associated a panel of self-management in order to add, modify or delete any information, from wherever and when you want.

Our company offers all these services, so you can enjoy them all in one ISP and ensure full management efficiency and comfort.

Self panels are a very powerful and easy to use, so anyone can enjoy it without knowledge beyond the minimum required as an Internet user. We can also manage these panels and that our customer does not have to worry about anything.

We understand how the media means by which we can convey the message through moving image and sound.

What we offer is a complete and unified design criteria to complete a project.

2D and 3D animation for the web. To enhance the website or for different types of promotions.

Video and sound to include web pages and enhance their content and promotions.